Hawaii Square LLC, a group subsidiary of Hawaii HIS Corporation (dba HIS Hawaii), which operates in the real estate business in Hawaii, along with Nomura Real Estate Solutions Co., Ltd. (dba Nomura Real Estate. Headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) and H.I.S. Co., Ltd. (dba HIS. Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo), have entered a tripartite business alliance to serve the needs of clients who seek real estate services in Hawaii.

This partnership will allow Hawaii Square to provide personalized Hawaii real estate services to Nomura Real Estate clients with Hawaii real estate needs. The global trend toward a greater interconnected world is making its impact in the real estate market. At the forefront of this trend is international real estate investment. Yet potential buyers often face hurdles such as language barriers, time differences, and differing cultural expectations. This forthcoming alliance between Hawaii Square, HIS, and Nomura Real Estate has been forged to make the process of purchasing international property an easier and altogether more pleasant experience for our international clients.

Through our extensive engagement in both the Hawaii and Japanese markets, we have come to see these potential obstacles that can make the purchasing of international property challenging for those who set out to do so on their own. As such, this business alliance was formed on the foundational judgment that the synergistic effects generated by the existing services of the three companies would expand on and further improve the quality of services we can provide to our customers.

In addition to our growing real estate business in Hawaii and now Japan, Hawaii Square assists local businesses in Hawaii by offering a variety of services to help businesses expand outside of Hawaii, with a primary focus on the Japanese market. Hawaii Square will continue to strive to provide services that will benefit and be appreciated by the local community here in Hawaii.